Embedding Qualtrics forms

Create website forms using the University-provided Qualtrics service, then add them to any rich-text area on your site that uses the Flex HTML text format. For an introduction to Qualtrics, read the ServiceNow documentation.


It is important that Qualtrics forms meet University accessibility guidelines. Review the Qualtrics vendor documentation on how to configure surveys for accessibility.


Method 1: Toolbar

In rich-text areas with the toolbar below, position your cursor at the point in your text where you want the Qualtrics form to appear. Then click on the Qualtrics icon shown below.

Rich text editor with "Qualtrics" icon in toolbar

Rich text editor with Qualtrics icon in toolbar

The Qualtrics icon activates a pop-up for setting:

  • The Qualtrics form URL. Find this in Qualtrics when you “activate” or “preview” the form (see above).

  • The height (default 500px). The form will expand to fill the width of its region.

  • The HTML title. This is not visibly displayed. It renders in the page HTML to provide more semantic meaning to the form for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Qualtrics popup form

A Qualtrics popup form

After saving these settings, a “shortcode” for the Qualtrics form will show in the text area. On page view, the form will render.

Method 2: Source Mode

Qualtrics shortcodes can also be manually added or edited by switching from rich-text mode into “Source” mode. The shortcode URL, “height,” or “title” attributes can be directly manipulated, as shown below.

Sample shortcode:

[embed]https://utexas.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_5mRnpkYhq4Qd2At | height:500 | title: Modified title [/embed]