Non-Pantheon setup

The Drupal Kit should be compatible with most hosting environments that meet the minimum system requirements and allow the configuration of the web server to use a nested document root. Site developers are responsible for managing their own processes for building and deploying their codebase.

The Drupal Kit follows standard Drupal and PHP practices for site building. Of note, this includes using the package management tool Composer.

Scaffold the codebase

  1. In an empty directory, start with the standard Composer command for scaffolding a new project (additional command parameters):

composer create-project utexas/utdk-project --no-interaction
  1. Move into the directory created by the first command, and then require the latest stable version of the Drupal Kit:

cd utdk-project
(cd upstream-configuration && composer require utexas/utdk_profile:^3 --no-update)
  1. Build the codebase:

composer update

You now have a fully-scaffolded site that can be installed either from the web-based installer or from the command-line using Drush’s site-install command. For local development, you may use a Docksal-based approach outlined at Local Development.

Further reading

For an in-depth discussion of what is included in this scaffolding and how it is designed to work, see the following topics: