Server requirements

The following table shows a high-level summary of the server requirements for UT Drupal Kit 3. Each item in the “Component” column links to more detail at regarding that component.

Server requirements for UT Drupal Kit 3



Disk Space

A minimum of 170 MB is required for installation of UT Drupal Kit 3, not including space for files uploaded by users, media, backups and other files.


UT Drupal Kit 3 requires PHP 7.3 or higher.

Web Server

Drupal supports most major web servers; Apache is recommended. UT Drupal Kit 3 requires the ability to configure a nested document root.


Drupal supports MySQL and some MySQL-compatible databases, and requires the PDO database extension.


For a more detailed list of the server requirements for the latest version of Drupal, review server requirements for Drupal.


UT Drupal Kit 3 requires use of the Composer dependency manager for installation and updates. Download and install Composer from

Version control

The use of a version control system such as Git is strongly recommended as a best practice for developers working with the UT Drupal Kit. It is required for use on Pantheon.

Hosted Git repositories are available through UT Austin’s Enterprise GitHub instance at


UT Drupal Kit 3 has currently been confirmed to be compatible with the CMS Hosting Platform (Pantheon) service. See Pantheon installation for detailed instructions.

To discuss compatibility with other hosting platforms, please email