UT Drupal Kit 3.13.0 release notes

Release date - July 25, 2023


Release summary

The 3.13.0 release is part of the Drupal Kit’s normal, bi-monthly maintenance release schedule. There are no major changes in this release, just the usual mix of bugfixes and improvements. Four changes of note are described below:

Twitter content removed

Previous releases of the Drupal Kit included a component for integrating content from Twitter. This component depended on the Twitter API Version 1, which is no longer supported by Twitter and is no longer working. Accordingly, release 3.13.0 deletes these now-defunct Twitter feeds from sites and uninstalls the functionality. At this time, there is no recommended alternative for displaying Twitter feeds.

Block library location changed

Drupal 10.1 includes a location change for the list of site-wide blocks. In previous versions of the Drupal Kit, content editors could reach this list by navigating to Structure > Block Layout > Custom block library (/admin/structure/block/block-content). Content editors now reach the list by navigating to Content > Blocks (/admin/content/block).

Bulk operations interface changed

Drupal 10.1 improves bulk editing operations for content and users. As part of this change, the bulk editing toolbar is relocated from above the content list to below the list. See the change record.

Drupal core updates

The 3.13.0 release incorporates the most recent release of Drupal core for the 10.1 minor release branch, bringing it from version 10.0.9 to 10.1.1.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal Core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release.

Modules included with the UT Drupal Kit installation profile

All changes since 3.12.0

UTexas installation profile (23)

  • Enhancement: New component: Instagram feed module part 2 - Change forward/back controls #2141

  • Bug: Authorization failures on Twitter Profile Widget #2230

  • Enhancement: Add revision log message field to Layout tab #2232

  • Bug: Layout builder filter leaves blank space in settings tray display #1846

  • Enhancement: Add syntax checking as a GitHub Action Check #2091

  • Task: Remove GooglePlus from default social link icon manifest #1478

  • Task: Update to Drupal core 10.1.0 #2238

  • Task: Remove row height patch concurrent with update to Drupal 10.1.x #2225

  • Bug: Automated tests failing with “test wasn’t able to connect to your webdriver instance” #2241

  • Task: Discontinue utexas_block_content_access in favor of Drupal 10.1 permissions #2194

  • Task: Discontinue the installation of the Twitter Profile Widget on new sites #2248

  • Bug: “Quick links” field instances cannot be added to content type configuration #2235

  • Bug: Settings tray does not automatically close when a block is placed in Layout Builder #2233

  • Enhancement: Change label of Layout Builder from “Configure” to “Edit” and from “Remove block” to “Remove” #2094

  • Enhancement: Promo Unit: Allow ability not to display link below copy area #1186

  • Task: Reliably source latest release of Forty Acres during GitHub Actions test build #2240

  • Task: Uninstall Twitter profile widget from current sites #2249

  • Task: Display field help text adjacent to field label in custom UTexas Form element link fields #947

  • Task: Update GitHub Actions jobs to use same PHP version as codebase #2119

  • Task: Update from Features 5.x to 3.x #2228

  • Task: Remove Twitter Profile Widget block references, blocks, and configuration from existing sites #2250

  • Task: Update check_syntax_pull_request to use new container action #2263

  • Task: GitHub actions checkout action fails #2270

Forty Acres theme (2)

  • Enhancement: Render field__label and field__item classes and inline label class in default field.html.twig #489

  • Enhancement: Provide front-end styling to replicate default Drupal display of field labels #491

Upstream repository (1)

  • Task: Pantheon upstream discontinues the “upstream-require” script #143

Documentation (4)

  • Task: Remove outdated forty_acres “customizing fields” documentation #489

  • Task: Update documentation related to the Twitter Profile widget #487

  • Task: Document capability for restricted content by role #400

Role-based access (1)

  • Task: Create internal (team) documentation about using & configuring restricted content by role on sites #8