UT Drupal Kit 3.15.0 release notes

Release date - November 28, 2023


Release summary

The 3.15.0 release is part of the Drupal Kit’s normal, bi-monthly maintenance release schedule. There are no major changes in this release, just the usual mix of bugfixes and improvements. Please note three changes described below:

Social media icon replacement for X (formerly Twitter)

Social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) has its own icon, replacing the familiar Twitter icon. Sites newly installed from the 3.15.0 release will receive the X icon as part of the default social media icons. Existing sites can replace the icon as described in Change Twitter icon to new X logo.

Hero Style text background changed

The Hero component “Style 1” includes an image overlay of white text with opaque burnt orange background. To ensure sufficient color contrast against all image backgrounds, the 3.15.0 release darkens the burnt orange color from #bf5700 / rgba(191,87,0,0.5) to #9d4700 / rgba(157, 71, 0, 0.85. This will affect new and existing sites.

New “Table padding” style in CKEditor

Tables added in rich text editors that do not have a table header will display table content in narrow cells. The most accessible way to display tables still involves adding a table header, as described in Styling Tables, which will also cause cells to receive padding. For tables which cannot make use of a table header, a new “Table padding” option is available in the Flex HTML rich text toolbar for displaying cell content with padding. See List of available styles.

For developers

The 3.15.0 release will update existing sites’ Flex HTML configuration. Developers who have modified any aspect of the Flex HTML text format should take extra care in updating to 3.15.0 to ensure changes are retained. For more on the recommended method for introducing configuration changes, read Use Drupal’s Config Override system for modifications.

Drupal core updates

The 3.15.0 release incorporates the most recent release of Drupal core for the 10.1 minor release branch, bringing it from version 10.1.4 to 10.1.6.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release.

Modules included with the UT Drupal Kit installation profile

Modules included with the Event add-on

Modules included with the News add-on

All changes since 3.14.1

UTexas installation profile (20)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #2341

  • Bug: PHP warning: ` gd-png: libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile` #2343

  • Bug: Warning: Undefined array key “status” in Drupalentity_cloneFormEntityCloneForm->submitForm() #2326

  • Bug: mb_strtolower(): Passing null to parameter is deprecated #2276

  • Bug: Possible log noise as of Drupal 10.1.1: BadRequestHttpException: The theme must be passed as a query argument #2296

  • Bug: Promo Unit: PHP warning: Undefined array key “image” in Drupalutexas_promo_unitPluginFieldFieldFormatterUTexasPromoUnitPortraitFormatter->viewElements() #2222

  • Bug: Recurrent false positive test failure: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘_renderItemData’) #2348

  • Bug: Invalid alt attributes on SVG icons in social links #1951

  • Bug: Multidev creator for pull requests fails due to Composer version conflict from utdk_saas #2360

  • Bug: Semi-transparent orange background on hero style 1 may not always meet WCAG guideline for contrast #2221

  • Bug: Display field help text in an intuitive location for checkbox, radios, and checkboxes input types #1884

  • Enhancement: Use srcset/sizes for Responsive Image Styles #1592

  • Bug: Favicon link element uses incorrect attribute for “sizes” #1947

  • Bug: Update link to the default hero style example #2359

  • Bug: PHP warning: Undefined array key “header” when adding Flex List #2358

  • Enhancement: [Social Links] Replace legacy Twitter icon with new X icon #2329

  • Enhancement: Improve position of status message and content workflow interface on Flex Page layout #2298

  • Task: 2373 - Provide option to add padding to table cells through Styles dropdown #2373

  • Task: Add new X icon with transparent X shape #2382

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #2384

Forty Acres theme (10)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #505

  • Task: HTML validator error for for attribute on search form label #512

  • Task: Incorporate latest changes in eis1-wcs/accessible-mega-menu #515

  • Bug: HTML validator error for href attribute on mobile menu button #427

  • Enhancement: Improve positioning of search submit icon adjacent to text input on various viewport sizes #510

  • Task: Style the way HTML tables display in the text editor so it matches what appears on the page #525

  • Task: Multiple elements with invalid block attribute #522

  • Bug: Search block: “search-cancel” icon does not display in all browsers and overlaps in others #509

  • Bug: Submenus scroll if longer than 500px height instead of just showing all items #499

  • Bug: Search input does not line up with magnifying glass icon in search results page #528

Profile add-on (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #364

News add-on (3)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #274

  • Bug: PHP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in utnews_content_type_news_preprocess_node #276

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #283

Event add-on (3)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #293

  • Enhancement: Provide machine-readable feed of upcoming events for syndication on external sites #292

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #299

Documentation (29)

  • Task: [Incidental] Remove statements about Article node type being present in the Drupal Kit installation #532

  • Task: [Minor] Add developer troubleshooting note about failed Pantheon build process due to unversioned files #534

  • Task: [Incidental] Update SAML integration instructions to point to new request form #530

  • Task: Monthly Documentation Review: October 2024 #537

  • Task: [Minor] Embed documentation on Draft workflow #539

  • Task: Document ‘Standard Workflow’ for content moderation, introduced in 3.14.0 #512

  • Enhancement: New section: “Configuration: what is managed by ITS and what is modifiable” #211

  • Task: [Minor] Document for developers how to add third-party libraries to web/libraries #531

  • Task: [Incidental] Disambiguate links to Colorbox #543

  • Task: New section: Use Drupal’s Config Override system for modifications #485

  • Task: Add documentation for UTNews ability to configure facet category title on news listing page #300

  • Enhancement: Document known issue with Views grid theming #129

  • Task: Document that L3 items and beyond do not display in the Primary Menu #105

  • Task: 429 #553

  • Task: Update “Place content within the layout” screen shot #552

  • Task: Update Flex Content Area screen shot #550

  • Task: Update Instagram screen shot #551

  • Task: Update screen shot for Event listings #556

  • Task: Update screen shot for Hero Carousel #549

  • Task: Update screen shot for Metatags #557

  • Task: Fix typo in Recurring events #555

  • Task: [Incidental] Reduce long sentences #560

  • Task: [Incidental] Reduce wordiness #562

  • Task: [Incidental] Avoid use of ‘we/our’ #564

  • Task: [Incidental] Add “How to sign in” page #566

  • Task: [Minor] Instruct users how to replace Twitter icon with new X-styled logo #570

  • Task: Call out the change to CKEditor about (<thead>-less) tables and padding and width #572

  • Task: [Minor] Reorganize navigation to emphasize content editing over development #568

  • Task: [Incidental] Document how existing sites can update the X platform icon for “Add To Any” #577

Enterprise Login integration (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #61

Drupal Kit ‘Managed’ integration (3)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #143

  • Enhancement: Define standard UTDK-Managed components as Composer/Drupal dependencies #145

  • Task: Add update hook for latest changes to Styles dropdown for table styling #148

Qualtrics text filter (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #44

Log forwarding service (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #25

Role-based access (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #18

Migration tool (1)

  • Bug: Redirect migration fails to migrate redirects created by non-migrated users #325

Accessible Mega Menu (3)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #3

  • Bug: Main menu: L1 links do not respond to activation from Enter key #8

  • Bug: 508a - Main menu links not responding to enter key #5

“No authenticated user” module (1)

  • Task: Replace Jenkins-based github.com sync with Github Action #4