UT Drupal Kit 3.9.0 release notes

Release date - November 29, 2022


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.9.0 is a bi-monthly maintenance release for the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

In addition to the usual mix of bugfixes and visual improvements, the major changes in this release are the update to version 9.4 of Drupal core and an update to the “Layout Builder Styles” module which introduces a change to the user interface for content editors. There is also a major version change to the “Facets” module which may require attention by developers of customized sites.

For full details of all other changes in this release, please refer to the “All changes” section at the end of this page, which contains links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

User Interface Change - Layout Builder Styles Grouping

The 3.9.0 release incorporates the new 2.0 version of the “Layout Builder Styles” contributed module. This module enables the optional style checkboxes at the bottom of the UT Drupal Kit’s custom content components, which can be used to modify the display of either individual components or entire Layout Builder sections.

The 2.0 version of Layout Builder Styles introduces a new feature which allows us to organize these optional styles into logical groups according to their function or purpose, rather than all style options being displayed together in an undifferentiated list.

In order to update to the new version, the existing Layout Builder style options provided by the UT Drupal Kit were organized into the following groupings:

  • Borders

  • Limit Items Per Row

  • Margins and Padding

  • Section Margins and Padding

  • General Styles

For custom sites, developers will have the option to create their own groups and to add customized styles to those groups. Any Layout Builder style options which had already been created on custom sites will appear in the “General Styles” group by default.

Major version update - Facets module


Site owners who have not created custom Search API displays which use Facets can safely disregard this section.

Sites using the UT News add-on which also have additional custom Search API displays that use Facets require extra work when updating. The 3.9.0 release of the UT News add-on upgrades its requirement from Facets 1.x to 2.x, a major version increment that includes changes to the configuration schema.

  • If you added the requirement drupal/facets:^1 in your site’s root composer.json file, you will need to update it drupal/facets:^2 to be able to update to the latest version of UT News.

  • Test the result of the update in a non-live environment. In most cases, there will be no change and no additional action will be needed for deployment. However, our team has observed facet displays with nested items display incorrectly after the update. Simply re-saving the Facet configuration in the UI may be sufficient to capture the new schema changes and restore the display.

  • See the Facets 2.0.0 release notes for more information, and contact the UT Drupal Kit team for further assistance if needed

Drupal core update

The 3.9.0 release incorporates the most recent patch-level release of Drupal core for the 9.4 minor release branch, bringing it from version 9.3.22 to 9.4.8.

This minor-version update should not introduce any visual changes to existing sites, but is the first step of the roadmap for the Drupal Kit’s planned update to Drupal 10 in May 2023.

For more information about Drupal 10 and the schedule for that change, please see UT Drupal Kit’s Roadmap to Drupal 10.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release:

Modules included with the UT Drupal Kit installation profile

Modules included with the News add-on

Modules included with the Profile add-on

Update actions for existing sites

There are no specific update actions required for existing sites in this release, other than checking for pending database updates as part of the update process.

All changes since 3.8.0

UTexas installation profile

  • Task: Capture configuration default changes from Drupal core for new installs on 3.9.0 release #2027

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #2018

  • Bug: Remove 1494-mariadb-version.patch from active patches #2012

  • Bug: Videos embedded via url_embed plugin do not show preview in CKEditor #2008

  • Bug: Adding a section using Layout Builder produces Notice: Undefined index: background-accent #2003

  • Task: Update robots.txt to exclude /media/oembed URLs #2001

  • Task: Review release notes of all Drupal 9.4.x releases to identify any needed changes #1999

  • Bug: PHP 8 deprecation notice in xmlsitemap module #1959

  • Bug: PHP8 - deprecation notice media_library_form_element #1955

  • Task: Evaluate major change to drupal/core-recommended in Drupal 9.4.0 #1937

  • Task: Update Drupal core to 9.4.8 #1934

  • Bug: UTexas Layouts breakpoints OR components’ IPR cause horizontal scrolling between 600px and 900px screen widths #1928

  • Bug: Responsive tables filter adds <b> tags which are flagged by Monsido #1902

  • Enhancement: Implement use of new style grouping feature in Layout Builder Styles #1854

Forty Acres theme

  • Bug: .layout__region class breaks grid on tablet screen size #440

News add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #236

  • Bug: Summaries of recent articles do not display on News listing page #230

  • Task: Update to Facets 2.0.5 #196

Event add-on

  • Bug: PHP warning/error: Declaration of Drupalutevent_content_type_event… #233

  • Bug: Fatal error: Trait ‘Drupaldatetime_rangeDateTimeRangeTrait’ not found #216

  • Bug: Deprecation notice in smart_date module under PHP 8 #214