Content editing and site configuration

Cannot delete files, or deleted files are showing up in search results

See Deleting media

Tables do not have borders or padding

By default, tables created in the rich text editor will render with plain styling, without a border or padding.

To improve usability and accessibility, tables should include a header, as described in Styling Tables. Adding the table header will automatically add padding to table cells and will visually differentiate the table header from the table body.

To add borders, or to add padding to tables that cannot support a table header, see Using the Styles dropdown.

The @ at symbol (@) renders incorrectly

Problem: In some situations, content editors may need to render the “at” symbol using an HTML entity, rather than the single @ character. The system currently incorrectly converts @.

Resolution: Use @ for this purpose.

The status report page shows a “mismatched entity field definitions” error

This is a Drupal core issue. It doesn’t appear to cause any data integrity problems, but the error message can be resolved within the Drupal UI as described in

Importantly, note that the field’s “Storage Settings” needs to be saved, which is on a different edit tab than the main edit tab.

Accessibility scanning tools report a violation: “Document has required lang attribute”

Tools like Monsido may report violation pertaining to the requirement “Document has required lang attribute” on pages that have embedded videos. This a false positive, due to a technicality, where external videos embedded through oEmbed do not include the lang attribute on the outer iframe. ITS has confirmed that it is acceptable for Monsido scans to ignore “issues” with the URL pattern /media/oembed.

If a specific issue has been ignored, Monsido will not scan that exact issue again; however, new or modified instances of /media/oembed will be scanned and trigger a separate issue. If a site has numerous embedded videos or constantly changing embedded videos, a Monsido user with administrative authority can create a “Source Code Exclude” that won’t flag any subsequent violations regarding “Document has required lang attribute” on /media/oembed issues.

Users without administrative authority can request access for self-service, or request a Monsido admin to add the Source Code Exclude to the scan, by emailing