Placing a menu within a page

The Drupal Kit’s header area displays the main menu’s first and second levels (L1 and L2). To show deeper levels, place “Menu blocks” on individual pages or groups of pages.

There are two ways to place menu blocks on pages. To place a menu block in the layout of the general-purpose Flex Page, use Layout Builder. To assign a menu to display in a region of the site on multiple pages, use the Block layout page, described below.


Place a custom menu on a page with Layout Builder

  1. On any page that has a “Layout” tab, click the “Layout” tab.

  2. Find the layout region where the menu should display and click “Add block”.

  3. In the settings that appear at right, scroll down and choose the desired menu from the “Menus” section:

    Image showing Menus section of the settings tray
  4. Before placing the block, configure the display options explained below.

Place a custom menu on a page using Blocks layout page

  1. Go to Structure > Block layout (/admin/structure/block).

  2. Click “Place block” in the desired region.

  3. Locate the menu and click “Place block” again:

The Place block interface

The “Place block” interface

Once selected, the “Configure block” interface appears with display options. You can also select the region where the menu will appear. Changes take effect after pressing “Save block.”

The Configure block modal

The “Configure block” interface