UT Drupal Kit 3.4.1 release notes

Release date - January 25, 2022


Due to an error encountered during the packaging process of the 3.4.0 release, the 3.4.1 release was created immediately afterward but is functionally identical. This document serves as the release notes for both 3.4.0 and 3.4.1.


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.4.0 is a bi-monthly maintenance release for the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

This release contains a number of new features and improvements, as well as the usual mix of bugfixes, visual improvements, and documentation updates.

Callouts for the most impactful changes follow below. For full details of all changes in this release, please refer to the “All changes” section at the end of this page, which contains links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

Drupal core update

The 3.4.0 release incorporates the most recent release of Drupal core, bringing it from version 9.2.7 to 9.3.3.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release:

Modules included with the UT Drupal Kit installation profile

Modules included with the Profile add-on

Modules included with the Event add-on

Modules included with the News add-on

New features

New display options for the Flex List component

The Flex List component was introduced in the 3.1.0 release as a general purpose “key/value pair” container, but with the promise of future enhancements for more advanced display options.

With the 3.4.0 release, the Flex List now has a total of three display variations which are configurable via the “View mode” dropdown menu in the block configuration:

  • default list

  • accordion

  • horizontal tabs

Documentation for this new capability is available on the Flex List component.

Automatic anchors for all header tags

Anchors will now be automatically generated for all header tags (<h2> through <h5>) throughout the site, allowing users to easily create URLs with “deep links” to internal page anchors.

Documentation for this new capability is available on the Troubleshooting page.

Adding borders around images in components

Certain components in version 2 of the UT Drupal Kit had a 1 pixel grey border around their image fields. This border was removed as a default style in the new design system for UTDK 3.

In version 3.4.0, an option to restore an optional image border has been added to the following components:

  • Flex Content Area

  • Photo Content Area

  • Promo List

  • Promo Unit

  • Resources

Documentation for this new capability is included in the respective sections of the Custom content components page.

Page and taxonomy term cloning

The ability to clone individual pages and taxonomy terms has been added via inclusion of Drupal’s Entity Clone module.

This feature is available via the new “Clone” tab at the top of any Flex Page.

“Add to Calendar” on Events

For sites using the optional “Event” add-on, individual events now have an “Add to calendar” link, with options for a user to select options for Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.

This option also supports the recurring event functionality in the Event add-on, through an “Add series to calendar” button, as well as individual “Add event to calendar” links for individual event recurrences.

Update actions for existing sites

There are no update actions required for existing sites in this release.

All changes since 3.3.0

UTexas installation profile

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #1824

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1821

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1807

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1802

  • Enhancement: Add automatically generated anchors to headline tags #1801

  • Bug: Promo Unit textual content appears too far away from image on large screens #1795

  • Bug: Featured Highlight images scale and crop may not be expected by content editors #1792

  • Bug: URL Embed video does not fill available space if added in Promo List copy field #1791

  • Enhancement: Center align Social Links Headline field #1794

  • Task: Add explicit drupal/core-composer-scaffold constraint to match drupal/core-recommended #1788

  • Task: Update Twitter Profile Widget #1786

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1782

  • Enhancement: Add style option for border around images in components #1780

  • Enhancement: Convert default menu links on new installations from <front> to <nolink> #1778

  • Enhancement: Improve page title layout when sections are readable width #1774

  • Bug: Missing hyperlink for “manage taxonomy terms” in taxonomy term reference fields #1773

  • Bug: Flex Content Areas with no headline show extra space #1772

  • Bug: “Edit media” button is inaccessible when large images are floated right in CKEditor context #1769

  • Enhancement: Add ability to clone node and taxonomy entities #1709

  • Enhancement: Ability to display Flex List content in horizontal tabs #1626

  • Enhancement Ability to display structured content in accordions #997

  • Enhancement: Allow content editors to control margins above and below Layout Builder blocks #846

Forty Acres theme

  • Task: Fix syntax violations in footer.scss #381

  • Enhancement: Improve styling for “Last updated” date display #378

  • Enhancement: Add visible indicator of vertical division between footer regions #376

  • Enhancement: Add background color to table header rows #375

  • Task: Update README in STARTERKIT to reflect where to put a sub-theme in the UTDK-3 directory structure #372

  • Bug: Block quote font sizes can increase to 2rem via inheritance #371

  • Bug: Headline line-height for Hero 1 and Hero 2 too large #380

  • Enhancement: Remove boldfacing of Quick Links display text #361

  • Enhancement: Improve default blockquote styling #156

Profile add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #297

News add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #173

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #170

Event add-on

  • Task: Update incidental configuration changes in features #179

  • Bug: Events page fails to load after update to Drupal 9.3.0 #173

  • Task: Replace custom code with newly available configuration from addtocal_augment #171

  • Enhancement: Display “Add to Calendar” options in a modal #139

  • Enhancement: “Add to Calendar” functionality #19

  • Enhancement: “Add to Google Calendar” button on Event display #18