UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.2 release notes

Release date - November 19, 2019


This is a beta release for the next major version of the UT Drupal Kit. Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Beta releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites.

Release summary

The primary substantive change in UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.2 is an update to the version of Drupal Core used by the distribution, to 8.8.0-beta1.

Notably, Drupal 8.8.0-beta1 introduces a major change to the way path aliases are stored, which also requires an update to the contributed Pathauto module.

Read more about these and other changes in the release notes for Drupal 8.8.0-beta1.

Documentation for updating an existing UT Drupal Kit 3 site is also now available at Updating a site.

All changes since 3.0.0-beta.1


  • Promo Unit Item Headline is not hyperlinked #681

  • Add test coverage for Background Accent (Image) #779

  • Enable Big Pipe module by default #782

  • Add more media queries to Flex Content Area CSS (3 and 4 column) #785

  • Update to Drupal 8.8.0-beta1 #801


  • Promo Unit template inserts extra empty tag in source #767

  • Headline and copy fields in Promo Unit not wrapped in conditionals #768

  • Extra <p> tags around {{ copy }} field in Promo Unit #769

  • Qualtrics filter not executing due to prior hyperlink conversion #777

  • Update to Drupal core 8.8.0-beta1 causes Media Library Theme Reset regression #819


  • Chapter - “Updating a site” #49