UT Drupal Kit 3.1.0 release notes

Release date - July 14, 2021


Sites not hosted on Pantheon

During the last release cycle, we modified the order of directives in the settings.php file. Existing sites not hosted on Pantheon will not receive this change automatically, so developers should apply the change manually. It consists of relocating the config_sync_directory setting below the settings.pantheon.php file, as shown below.

$pantheon_settings = __DIR__ . "/settings.pantheon.php";
if (file_exists($pantheon_settings)) {
  include $pantheon_settings;

* Place the config directory outside of the Drupal root.
$settings['config_sync_directory'] = dirname(DRUPAL_ROOT) . '/config';


Release summary

Release 3.1.0 is the first minor version follow-up to the UT Drupal Kit 3 stable release (minor version releases are provided on a bi-monthly schedule). This release adds a new component type called the Flex List, which supports advanced content display using Bootstrap framework libraries, and makes substantial enhancements to the Profile add-on.

For developers who installed UT Drupal Kit prior to 3.0.0

During the beta phase of this service, UT Drupal Kit packages were hosted on a custom Packagist endpoint using Artifactory. Now all packages are hosted on https://packagist.org, the standard, public endpoint. Developers who installed a UT Drupal Kit site prior to the 3.0.0 release should ensure that their codebase no longer references the Artifactory endpoint, which is deprecated. To do this, developers should remove the following repository, if present, from their root-level composer.json file, and then proceed with the standard update process.

"utexas": {
"type": "composer",
"url": "https://artifacts.austin.utexas.edu/eis1-wcms"

Developers can verify that all references have been removed by checking that https://artifacts.austin.utexas.edu/eis1-wcms is not present in the composer.lock file after the update.

Deprecation notice: utexas/utexas_pantheon_sam_auth

As previously announced, ITS has replaced the Composer package used for Enterprise Login integration. The previous package, utexas/utexas_pantheon_saml_auth should be replaced with utexas/pantheon_saml_integration, which provides equivalent functionality. Existing sites already using the previous plugin should email drupal-kit-support@utlists.utexas.edu for instructions on how to switch to the new plugin.

All changes since 3.0.0

UTexas installation profile

  • Enhancement: Select between predefined image sizes when embedding media library images in WYSIWYG editors #1625

  • Enhancement: Add and enable “Security Kit” module #1569

  • Enhancement: Add base “Flex List” block type #1387

  • Enhancement: Add ability to embed streaming media in WYSIWYG editors via URLs #1225

  • Enhancement: Upload and display documents (pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx) #982

  • Enhancement: Improve automated test performance by caching installation database #870

  • Task: Update to Drupal core 9.2.1 #1647

  • Task: Update contributed projects for 3.1.0 release #1643

  • Task: Update from Drupal core 9.1.8 to 9.2.0 #1641

  • Task: Evaluate and update Flex HTML text format for Bootstrap component compatibility #1632

  • Task: Set Jenkins PHP image to 7.4 to match Pantheon defaults #1628

  • Task: Improve pull request checklist usability #1446

  • Bugfix: PHP warning logged when Flex Content Area elements have empty values #1623

  • Bugfix: Automated tests failing (Jenkins only): unfulfilled headline expectation #1598

  • Bugfix: Pages with URL path starting with “profiles/” are disallowed in default robots.txt #1585

  • Bugfix: Selection of Background Image displays incorrect image #1584

  • Bugfix: Firefox : expand caret does not display in summary element #946

Forty Acres theme

  • Enhancement: Provide default accordion-style theming for details/summary elements #294

  • Enhancement: Provide additional documentation link for modal component #293

  • Enhancement: Provide styling for accordion markup #292

  • Enhancement: Provide styling for inner rail markup #290

  • Enhancement: UI for enabling optional Bootstrap libraries #191

  • Bugfix: Tooltip Bootstrap component using wrong file #303

  • Bugfix: Non-linked menu items in sub menus appear too large #248

  • Bugfix: “aria-expanded” attribute does not toggle correctly on mobile menu L1 items #131

Profile add-on

  • Enhancement: Add option to display email address in Profile listings (Prominent, Basic) #206

  • Enhancement: Make metatag values overridable on a per-node basis #134

  • Enhancement: Consistently provide dynamically-generated view mode class in templates #129

  • Enhancement: Allow developers to suppress utprof_profile view modes in the block listing options #113

  • Enhancement: Set metatags for profile image and twitter card sharing #77

  • Task: Email addresses and “View in directory” links are not underlined #267

  • Task: Populate demo/default vocabulary terms in utprof_demo_content #258

  • Task: Alter column widths and spacing, and fonts for uniformity with other add-ons (News and Events) #195

  • Task: Remove profile listing view from Layout Builder blocks #215

  • Bugfix: Fatal error triggered when manipulating a node type’s “Manage Display” settings #270

  • Bugfix: Content in Prominent and Basic Profile lists breaks out of container #264

  • Bugfix: Some templates do not populate HTML “attributes” object #263

News add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies for 3.1.0 release #120

  • Task: Populate demo/default vocabulary terms in utnews_demo_content #111

  • Task: Change metatag twitter type from summary_large_image to summary #109

  • Bugfix: Missing metatag entity can cause database updates to fail #122

  • Bugfix: Fatal error triggered when manipulating a node type’s “Manage Display” settings #115

  • Bugfix: Templates do not populate HTML “attributes” object #113

Event add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies for 3.1.0 release #130

  • Bugfix: Fatal error triggered when manipulating a node type’s “Manage Display” settings #128

Pantheon SAML Integration

  • Bugfix: Enterprise Login sign-in fails to redirect correctly due to port number mismatch #7

UTDK Project

  • Task: Reorder default config directory in settings.php #27

  • Bugfix: Fatal error on sign-in page can occur when Drush versions mismatched on Pantheon #29