UT Drupal Kit 3.3.0 release notes

Release date - November 2, 2021


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.3.0 is the third bi-monthly maintenance release for the Drupal 9 version of the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

This release consists primarily of bugfixes, visual improvements, and documentation updates for issues related to sites migrating from the Drupal 7 version of the UT Drupal Kit. For full details, please refer to the “All changes” section below with links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

Drupal core update

The 3.3.0 release incorporates the most recent release of Drupal core, bringing it from version 9.2.5 to 9.2.7.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release:

Update action items for existing sites

If you created a site created prior to the 3.2.0 release, please review the following items for potential changes which you may need to make to your site.

“Flex HTML” text format changes

One of the text formats included in the UT Drupal Kit is “Flex HTML,” which is widely used as the default text format throughout the UT Drupal Kit.

The Flex HTML text format was originally based on Drupal core’s “Basic HTML” format, which includes a filter, “Restrict images to this site,” that limits img tags to relative paths or the current domain.

Through more experience building sites and getting feedback from customers, we have determined that there are valid use cases where image tags from other domains should be allowed, such as:

  • linking to images stored on 3rd party file storage systems (e.g., Amazon S3)

  • linking to images from domains shared by the organization (e.g., example.utexas.edu + subsite.example.utexas.edu)

  • linking to private files on the site itself (this may be resolved in Drupal Core in the future; see #2528214: “Restrict images to this site” blocks image style derivatives)

Because the Flex HTML text format is not intended to be modified by site owners, and is so widely used, we have chosen to disable the “Restrict images to this site” filter in Flex HTML on both new and existing sites. A future planned enhancement to provide a default Content Security Policy header via the Security Kit module will provide the a more flexible and customizable approach to limiting cross-domain content.

For sites which have built their own text formats, site owners may want to review their use of the “Restrict images to this site” filter to determine whether they should match this change.

All changes since 3.2.0

UTexas installation profile

  • Enhancement: Add and enable diff module by default #1734

  • Enhancement: Match position of help text on password inputs with other text inputs #1706

  • Enhancement: Allow embedding images from other domains in WYSIWYG #1597

  • Enhancement: Improve positioning of CTA on Hero Style 2, Hero Style 3 and Hero style 4 #1429

  • Enhancement: Disambiguate Flex Content Area item fieldsets using information from headline #1171

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1758

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1744

  • Task: Scaffolding does not include favicon 32x32 or 48x48 files #1741

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1736

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #1731

  • Bugfix: External videos embedded in Flex Content Area and Featured Highlight do not include outer iframe title attribute #1763

  • Bugfix: Featured Highlight image missing padding on left side for Readable and Container width #1742

  • Bugfix: Social Links blocks do not respect “items per row” selection #1739

  • Bugfix: Flex Content Area blocks do not respect “4 items per row” selection #1738

  • Bugfix: Social Links form does not correctly load saved values #1735

  • Bugfix: Linkit modal in the context of Layout Builder displays too short and users may not see the buttons underneath #1723

  • Bugfix: Contrib field_group version 3.2.0 display all tabs with the “Show” label #1746

  • Bugfix: Featured Highlight (limestone view mode) has inconsistent font colors for headlines in copy field #1578

  • Bugfix: Greedy bottom margin setting on any child elements of .data-wrapper class #1233

Forty Acres theme

  • Enhancement: Main menu L2 items should turn orange on hover #350

  • Task: Tighten up vertical spacing between Quick Links items #348

  • Task: Increase line height on Basic blocks #340

  • Bugfix: Helper function isLayoutBuilderEnabled() can cause fatal error when no route is discovered #369

  • Bugfix: Contain content in the Copy field (ut-copy) #365

  • Bugfix: Promo List ut-copy field text varies in size based on text format used #358

  • Bugfix: Blocks placed in “content” region on Layout Builder pages do not conform to layout #353

  • Bugfix: List items in a list which is a child of an ordered list incorrectly inherit the ordered list item appearance #349

  • Bugfix: Content in pre tags placed in multi-column layouts does not scroll, causing columns to always stack #345

  • Bugfix: Bootstrap Tooltip styling overrides Forty Acres link hover color #344

  • Bugfix: Mobile menu is too close to the “MENU” button #343

  • Bugfix: Unable to expand mobile menu when Search API facets present #339

  • Bugfix: Mobile menu switcher gets erroneously triggered by scrolling #309

  • Bugfix: Block quote font-sizes are too different between desktop and mobile #245

Profile add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #287

News add-on

  • Bugfix: Users who hold necessary permissions are unable to view taxonomy term “Add” button #161

Event add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies #163

  • Bugfix: Sites with previously installed versions of the UTEvent content type are unable to access End Date field #167

  • Bugfix: Events cannot be created that span more than one day #161