UT Drupal Kit 3.2.0 release notes

Release date - September 14, 2021


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.2.0 is the second bi-monthly maintenance release for the Drupal 9 version of the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

This release includes an update to the latest version of Drupal core and several contributed module updates. There are also many bug fixes, visual improvements, and minor enhancements, detailed in the “All changes” section below with links to the corresponding GitHub issues.


For owners of existing sites, please see Update action items for existing sites for potential changes which you may need to make to your site.

Drupal core update

The 3.2.0 release incorporates the most recent release of Drupal core, bringing it from version 9.2.1 to 9.2.5.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release:

Update action items for existing sites

If you created a site created prior to the 3.2.0 release, please review the following items for potential changes which you may need to make to your site.

“Full HTML” text format changes

One of the text formats included in the UT Drupal Kit is “Full HTML,” which is a powerful, unrestricted format that allows content editors to add any arbitrary HTML source to a text field. The original configuration of “Full HTML” in UT Drupal Kit 3 matched that of Drupal core, which is a stripped-down text format without CKEditor or other features such as automatic link conversion, automatic linebreak-to-paragraph conversion, etc.

In version 3.2.0, the Full HTML text format provided by the Kit has been substantially updated to include the use of CKEditor and all of the other filters present in the “Flex HTML” text format. Going forward, the only difference between “Full HTML” and “Flex HTML” will be that “Full HTML” does not limit the use of any HTML tags.

This change will be made automatically in existing sites as part of the 3.2.0 update process. If the “Full HTML” text format on an existing site has already been modified from its default state, the site owner should review the updated configuration of “Full HTML” in order to reconcile any previous changes with the incoming changes.

Bootstrap version update

The version of the Bootstrap framework shipped in the Forty Acres theme has been updated from 4.3.1 to 4.6.0, in order to take advantage of the responsive classes feature introduced in version 4.4.0.

The Forty Acres theme includes the Bootstrap framework as part of the package, so this change should be transparent for most sites, with the following exceptions:

  • Any developers who have customized their site theme by using Bootstrap markup directly in their theme templates or in Drupal content should review their theme to ensure that this change does not introduce any unexpected changes or regressions.

  • Any developers who are compiling their own SCSS in a Forty Acres sub-theme should run npm update in order to pull in the latest version of Bootstrap.

Here are the release notes for all Bootstrap versions between 4.3.1 and 4.6.0:

The complete Bootstrap documentation for version 4.6.0 is available at https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.6/.

“Administer blocks” permission added to default site management permission set

Drupal’s “Administer blocks” permission regulates the ability of users to access the Block Layout page on a site, which is where users can place blocks in regions and across subsets of pages.

The UT Drupal Kit does not ship with a “Site Manager” role by default, but this permission has now been added to the default “Manager” permissions set, which can be granted to any role via the “Permissions Configuration” screen under “Drupal Kit Configuration.” See Permissions for content editing and site managing for more information about using this functionality to quickly create a role with a set of “sane default” permissions for site management tasks.

For existing sites, site owners should consider adding the “Administer blocks” permission to their manager/administrative user roles, if those users need access to the Block Layout page. This permission will not automatically be added to any roles.

All changes since 3.1.0

UTexas installation profile

  • Enhancement: Allow content editors to update existing media #1705

  • Enhancement: Enable Metatag Verification module by default #1704

  • Enhancement: Clearly identify main menu links corresponding to unpublished nodes #1700

  • Enhancement: Add “caret” to icon options on link widget #1692

  • Enhancement: Add permission to manage block layout to ‘Manager’ permissions set #1679

  • Enhancement: Blocks added by Layout Builder should have ‘Display title’ unchecked by default #1580

  • Enhancement: Add Pantheon Advanced Page Cache #1571

  • Enhancement: Ability to embed script and iframe tags in WYSIWYG content #1388

  • Enhancement: Allow content editors to set icon sizes in social media links #1180

  • Enhancement: Advanced table properties in CKEditor #1067

  • Enhancement: Add accessibility/usability-focused documentation about opening links in new window/tab #1712

  • Enhancement: Add transliteration for uploaded filenames #865

  • Enhancement: Integrate “Show last updated date” functionality #811

  • Task: Update contributed modules for 3.2 release #1720

  • Task: Remove editor_advanced_link module from composer.json #1086

  • Task: Re-add editor_advanced_link module to composer.json #1687

  • Bugfix: “Full HTML” text format does not include common text format filters #1684

  • Bugfix: URLs entered in “Full HTML” text format do not convert to hyperlinks #1683

  • Bugfix: Featured Highlight content is not constrained to a readable width #1661

  • Bugfix: Internal URLs with special characters are double encoded by UTexas Link Options element #1652

  • Bugfix: Insufficient color contrast on links in site announcement body #1638

  • Bugfix: Social media placed in Header Secondary do not align to the right #1637

  • Bugfix: Too much recursion AJAX error in media library #1627

  • Bugfix: Media Library videos placed in WYSIWYG editor within “figure” elements (HTML caption) display with zero width #1559

  • Bugfix: UTexas Link Options Element strips query parameters and anchor fragments during processing #1524

  • Bugfix: PHP warning printed in logs originating in schema_metatag #1418

  • Bugfix: Jenkins builds unable to re-run after subsequent commits #1357

  • Bugfix: Inconsistent whitespace at bottom of the “Copy” field in Promo Lists #1232

  • Bugfix: Content editors cannot view unpublished content owned by other users #931

Forty Acres theme

  • Enhancement: UTDK base styling for Google Custom Search results #325

  • Enhancement: Active menu trail styling for primary navigation #318

  • Enhancement: Ability for site managers to set side-by-side or stacked display in Header Secondary region #316

  • Enhancement: Improve positioning of brand bar parent entity on narrow screens #312

  • Enhancement: Vertically center University of Texas logo in brand-bar #308

  • Task: Match border radius of search field to buttons/CTAs #317

  • Task: Match font-weight of parent entity link in brand bar to UTDK 2 #314

  • Task: Reevaluate implementation of brand bar related to absolute positioning #313

  • Bugfix: Links added within paragraphs in Basic Blocks’ body field are not underlined #330

  • Bugfix: Copyright statement uses serif font instead of sans-serif #321

  • Bugfix: Parent Entity link not vertically centered in the Brand Bar #307

  • Bugfix: Parent Entity link is not visible in mobile menu when screen width is between 1200px and 900px #306

  • Bugfix: Menu blocks placed in Header secondary do not vertically center with search block #301

  • Bugfix: Blocks placed in Header Tertiary has inconsistent padding #299

  • Bugfix: Parent entity link position distorted #298

Profile add-on

  • Task: Update contributed modules for 3.2 release #282

  • Task: Update Features-bundled configuration for the 3.2.0 release #278

News add-on

  • Enhancement: Link terms in news article sidebar to listing page with facet selection #137

  • Enhancement: Ability to configure facet category title on news listing page #125

  • Enhancement: Indicate actionable content in facet category label #124

  • Enhancement: Make thumbnail image in teasers larger #58

  • Enhancement: Gracefully display news facets without tags #50

  • Enhancement: Allow users to skip to news items when facet filters stack vertically #46

  • Enhancement: Allow content editors to configure display on news overview page #33

  • Task: Update contributed modules for 3.2 release #158

  • Task: Update Features-bundled configuration for the 3.2.0 release #146

  • Task: Re-distribute whitespace between title, dateline, and summary in news listing #136

  • Task: Replay template changes related to facet placement #131

  • Task: Display external links on news nodes when viewed as a standalone page #117

  • Task: Improve image positioning in display of news listings #90

  • Task: Alter column widths and spacing, and fonts for uniformity with other add-ons #67

  • Bugfix: News nodes without external links or publication dates erroneously show field labels #150

  • Bugfix: Update External link field help text #141

  • Bugfix: Demo content does not index immediately #138

  • Bugfix: Too much whitespace between items in a news listing block #134

Event add-on

  • Enhancement: Update CSS to fix hover white illegible text on page listings toggle buttons #153

  • Enhancement: Provide semantically unambiguous past/upcoming toggle #140

  • Enhancement: Render location values as hyperlinks when applicable #126

  • Enhancement: Display dates in Associated Press (AP) Style #51

  • Enhancement: Populate schema.org “Location” value #39

  • Enhancement: Display past events #20

  • Task: Update contributed modules for 3.2 release #151

  • Task: Update Features-bundled configuration for the 3.2.0 release #137

  • Task: Overhaul styling on event listings #136

  • Task: Change metatag twitter type from summary_large_image to summary #124

  • Bugfix: Wrong title showing for Past Events view display #155