Working with breadcrumbs

The “breadcrumb trail” (or just “breadcrumbs”) is a navigational You are here of web page hierarchy. It shows the website’s navigational depth from highest to lowest, starting at the home page and ending with the page the user is visiting. It improves navigational usability for users who have arrived from other sources or who are on links deep within the site.

Image showing the breadcrumb trail in site navigation

How the site generates the breadcrumb

There are two common methods for determining what pages show in a breadcrumb. One method relies on the user placing every page in a main menu to explicitly indicate its structure. The Drupal Kit defaults to a different method that doesn’t rely on every page being in a menu. Instead, breadcrumb structure comes from the parts of the page URL: each forward slash (/) represents a different level.

For example, a page with the URL /about/staff/directory could automatically generate a breadcrumb trail of links to About Us > Staff Overview > Staff Directory.

To control the visibility of breadcrumbs on individual pages, see Setting page options: Breadcrumbs.