UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.4 release notes

Release date - March 10, 2020


This is a beta release for the next major version of the UT Drupal Kit. Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Beta releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites.

March 2020 brings the next beta release of the UT Drupal Kit itself as well as newly available integrations: the Profile add-on, and Enterprise Authentication for Pantheon-hosted sites.


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.4 largely consists of bugfixes and minor display enhancements related to consistency.

It also includes an update from Drupal 8.8.1 to 8.8.3.

Documentation for updating an existing UT Drupal Kit 3 site is available at Updating a site.

Changes since 3.0.0-beta.3


  • Add tabledrag functionality to Promo List, Promo Unit, & Resources field items #945

  • Move field description below label for Drupal fields #940

  • Add pre-commit check of Twig syntax #799

  • Add Twitter Card metatag globally #923

  • Add integration for Single Sign-On capability through SAML #915

  • Add standard ut-btn class to “Log in” button #160


  • Audit all custom php code for linting verification #925

  • Pre-commit hook should check both Drupal and DrupalPractice rulesets #924

  • Beta.4 release: Update to Drupal 8.8.3 #989

  • Add new image style for consistent square aspect ratio - width and height both 500px #986

  • Set plugin block ‘Category’ on UTexas Required Links to “UTexas” #965

  • Update machine names of existing roles #952

  • Remove obsolete “exclude-pattern” declarations from test configuration #951

  • Improve GitHub templates to prepopulate labels & link to naming conventions #913


  • Duplicate core menu blocks in Layout Builder #778

  • Incorrect image upload help text on Promo Unit element #976

  • Add start and type to allowed <ol> attributes for creation of nested lists with CKEditor #975

  • Contrib issue: CKEditor height update hook fires on all database update runs #937

  • Menu Blocks placed on section with background color do not have white background offset #933

  • Promo Unit entered with valid internal URI (route) as link causes Headline render error #930

  • Notice: TitleResolver::getTitle() must be an instance of SymfonyComponentRoutingRoute #162

Profile add-on now available

The March 2020 release of the UT Drupal Kit introduces its first add-on, the Profile (current release version: 1.0.0-alpha.1). The Profile is the successor to version 2’s Team Member add-on, rebranded to fit broader use cases. This release includes a fully-themed, templated content type, but does not include the ability to create listings of profiles. Full documentation: the Profile add-on.


Note that while the Kit itself is in beta status, the Profile add-on is still in alpha: ITS may still make backwards-compatibility breaking changes. Developers are welcome and encouraged to test the alpha release and provide feedback, but are advised not to use it for production content just yet.

Enterprise Authentication available for Pantheon-hosted sites

Sites hosted on Pantheon can now leverage the university’s Enterprise Authentication service for EID-based sign-on. ITS has developed a Composer plugin that facilitates the scaffolding of code & configuration related to this functionality. Full documentation: Integrating Enterprise Authentication.