UT Drupal Kit 3.8.0 release notes

Release date - October 5, 2022


Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.8.0 is a bi-monthly maintenance release for the University of Texas at Austin’s custom distribution of the Drupal web content management system.

This release consists of core and contributed module updates and the usual mix of bugfixes and visual improvements.

For full details of all other changes in this release, please refer to the “All changes” section at the end of this page, which contains links to the corresponding GitHub issues.

Drupal core update

The 3.8.0 release incorporates the most recent patch-level releases of Drupal core for the 9.3 minor release branch, bringing it from version 9.3.19 to 9.3.22.


The Drupal 9.4 minor release branch is already available from Drupal.org, but the UT Drupal Kit has not yet been updated or tested for use with the 9.4 branch. The update to Drupal 9.4 is currently planned for the December 2022 release.

Here are the release notes for all Drupal core releases inclusive in this release:

Contributed module updates

The following contributed modules are updated in this release:

Modules included with the UT Drupal Kit installation profile

Modules included with the Event add-on

Modules included with the News add-on

Modules included with the Profile add-on

Update actions for existing sites

There are no specific update actions required for existing sites in this release, other than checking for pending database updates as part of the update process.

All changes since 3.7.1

UTexas installation profile

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #1994

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #1991

  • Bug: Flex list accordion color not consistent #1983

  • Bug: PHP 8 deprecation notices triggered by utexas_media_types #1979

  • Bug: PHP 8 deprecation notice for unserialize() in utexas_photo_content_area #1978

  • Bug: File paths in SiteAnnouncementTest:: testIcons() are incorrect for the GitHub Actions testing setup #1976

News add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #224

  • Bug: “View all news” button is too close to News items in listing block display #204

Event add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #231

  • Bug: Number sign symbol (#) in event title breaks ics download #215

Profile add-on

  • Task: Update contributed dependencies (automated) #329

  • Bug: Overridden Features diff in “Views - Profile” #305