UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.1 release notes

Release date - November 1, 2019


This is a beta release for the next major version of the UT Drupal Kit. Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Beta releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites.

Welcome to the first beta release of UT Drupal Kit 3.0!

This release represents over two years’ worth of work to completely re-build the UT Drupal Kit distribution in Drupal 8, using the latest features and advancements in Drupal core.

Release summary

UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.1 is the first release in the 3.x development cycle that we consider sufficient for starting to build sites intended for future production use. While it does not have feature-parity with the 2.x version of UT Drupal Kit in terms of the “add-on” features such as Team Member, Events, and News, it does deliver a fully-functional content editor experience for basic content pages, equivalent to the 2.x version’s “Standard Page” and “Landing Page” content types.

For more details on the differences between UT Drupal Kit 2.x and 3.x, please see What’s changed in UT Drupal Kit 3?.

What’s missing?

Roadmap features of UT Drupal Kit 3.x that are NOT included in 3.0.0-beta.1 include:

  • Team Member feature

  • News feature

  • Events feature

  • UT EID authentication

  • Programmatic migration path from UT Drupal Kit 2.x

Stability and forwards compatibility

The release of UT Drupal Kit 3.0.0-beta.1 includes a promise of API stability and forwards-compatibility toward a final 3.0.0 release, expected in early- to mid-2020.



During the 3.0.0-beta.1 development cycle, the UTDK development team transitioned from using JIRA for issue tracking to Enterprise GitHub. As such, this will be the last release to use JIRA issue keys (e.g. “[UDK8-###]”) in the release notes.


  • [UDK8-52] - Documentation for updating core and contributed code

  • [UDK8-56] - Menu Blocks

  • [UDK8-79] - Video embeds

  • [UDK8-187] - “Border with background” layout builder style

  • [UDK8-193] - Make CKEditor-enabled fields respect Drupal textarea rows

  • [UDK8-338] - Add optional “Headline” field on Social Links field type

  • [UDK8-365] - Remove delete option for social media icon entities

  • [UDK8-366] - Finalize Site Manager role and add test coverage

  • [UDK8-369] - Add sanitization of Social Link SVG images

  • [UDK8-370] - [Composer] Composer structure for downstream developers

  • [UDK8-403] - Improve form validation UX for custom field types

  • [UDK8-405] - Readjusting out of the box provided Roles

  • [UDK8-432] - Formatting buttons in active CKEditor toolbar

  • [UDK8-508] - Consider suppressing field blocks from the standard Block UI

  • [UDK8-555] - Documentation for changing site logo

  • [UDK8-599] - Background color support per section

  • [UDK8-631] - [Layouts] Support edge-to-edge (full-bleed) content display

  • [UDK8-641] - Multiple column display for QuickLinks

  • [UDK8-656] - [Layouts] Ability to adjust column proportions

  • [UDK8-761] - Theming Feed Blocks

  • [UDK8-766] - Add video support to Flex Content Area media field

  • [UDK8-779] - [Layout Builder] [UX] Outline around blocks in layout editor mode

  • [UDK8-790] - Icon font for items not included in SVG sprite

  • [UDK8-826] - Add XDebug configuration for local development

  • [UDK8-827] - Add standardized VS Code settings from team wiki to .vscode directory

  • [UDK8-837] - Order formatters/view modes in Settings Tray numerically

  • [UDK8-987] - [Migration] Migrate menu links

  • [UDK8-988] - Officially adopt Docksal as local development scaffolding

  • [UDK8-1030] - Refactor flex page content type around inline blocks

  • [UDK8-1031] - Modal dialog for block editing

  • [UDK8-1033] - Scaffolding for Sphinx documentation

  • [UDK8-1035] - [Docs] Sphinx documentation scaffold and initial IA

  • [UDK8-1037] - Documentation for adding UTDK field types to a custom content type

  • [UDK8-1057] - Improve UX of Layout Builder Modal

  • [UDK8-1066] - Fix Promo Lists layout - for 2 lists side by side

  • [UDK8-1072] - Collapsible interface for easier drag-and-drop of multi-item custom fields

  • [UDK8-1075] - Extend “Border with background” styling to other widgets than QuickLinks

  • [UDK8-1076] - “Border without background” style option

  • [UDK8-1145] - Add method for updating existing sites (utdk_deploy / utdk_update)

  • [UDK8-1164] - [Docs] Chapter - “What is the UT Drupal Kit?”

  • [UDK8-1165] - [Docs] Chapter - “Installation”

  • [UDK8-1166] - [Docs] Chapter - “Updating a site”

  • [UDK8-1167] - [Docs] Chapter - “The Forty Acres Theme”

  • [UDK8-1168] - [Docs] Chapter - “Site configuration”

  • [UDK8-1169] - [Docs] Chapter - “Creating and managing page content” - Part 1 “Building with Flex Page”

  • [UDK8-1170] - [Docs] Chapter - “Integrating external content”

  • [UDK8-1171] - [Docs] Chapter - “Managing site-wide announcements”

  • [UDK8-1172] - [Docs] Chapter - “Managing user accounts”

  • [UDK8-1173] - [Docs] Chapter - “Tutorials”

  • [UDK8-1174] - [Docs] Chapter - “Moving from Drupal 7”

  • [UDK8-1176] - [Docs] Chapter - “Getting support”

  • [UDK8-1177] - [Docs] Chapter - “Changelog and release notes”

  • [UDK8-1181] - [Docs] Appendix A - “QuickStart Guide”

  • [UDK8-1194] - [Composer] Sort package names in require and require-dev by name

  • [UDK8-1229] - [Composer] Prototype installation without cloning any repositories

  • [UDK8-1245] - [Docs] Chapter - “Creating and managing page content” - Part 2 “Working with Menus”

  • [UDK8-1246] - [Docs] Chapter - “Creating and managing page content” - Part 3 “Using the Rich Text Editor”

  • [UDK8-1247] - [Docs] Chapter - “Creating and managing page content” - Part 4 “Other page types”


  • [UDK8-442] - AJAX page focus not ideal for form navigation

  • [UDK8-637] - Remove container classes from layout templates

  • [UDK8-831] - Image Link images load at half size on retina screens

  • [UDK8-833] - Hero Style 4 CSS breaks on very wide screens

  • [UDK8-841] - Improve the UI of admin forms that have link fields

  • [UDK8-892] - Make sub-theme blocks inherit styling from Forty Acres

  • [UDK8-1096] - Coding standards issues

  • [UDK8-1101] - Image Link module has no CSS included

  • [UDK8-1124] - [Layout Builder Restrictions] Error: Call to a member function __tostring() on string

  • [UDK8-1131] - No default config sync directory

  • [UDK8-1158] - Test suite failing with “layout_builder_style” not found.

  • [UDK8-1191] - Extra left/right padding on Hero Style 4 on full-width display

  • [UDK8-1192] - Extra top/bottom margin on Hero Style 4

  • [UDK8-1265] - Forty Acres & Qualtrics filter removed during composer require utexas/utdk_profile:<branch>

  • [UDK8-1266] - Gitignores of forty_acres & utexas_qualtrics_filter in utdk_profile problematic

  • [UDK8-1280] - Can’t place some blocks in the Block UI page

  • [UDK8-1283] - Media Library form element no longer working

  • Default site favicon no longer scaffolded to web root #764


  • [UDK8-150] - Handle “Update” module in a UTDK context

  • [UDK8-190] - Review new input filters in Basic HTML text format

  • [UDK8-785] - Determine best way to render a text area field in the widgets

  • [UDK8-825] - Re-factor Featured Highlight CSS to move layout and BG color attributes out of theme

  • [UDK8-880] - Remove periods from the ends of custom field formatter labels

  • [UDK8-884] - Alter Block UI “Place block” form for view mode selector on custom fields

  • [UDK8-885] - Investigate making Hero style selector JS library work in the “Place Block” form

  • [UDK8-974] - Audit available security updates for npm packages

  • [UDK8-993] - Update utexas_image_styles breakpoints

  • [UDK8-994] - Update breakpoints in Flex Content Area widget

  • [UDK8-1012] - Clean up package.json and gulpfile.js

  • [UDK8-1017] - Move non-TDS SCSS declarations into own files

  • [UDK8-1019] - Add additional theme-related documentation

  • [UDK8-1032] - Update breakpoints in QuickLinks widget

  • [UDK8-1061] - Add Test Coverage for multiple deltas in custom widgets

  • [UDK8-1077] - Update to Layout Builder Restrictions 2.1

  • [UDK8-1084] - Rename single column layout to layout_utexas_onecol

  • [UDK8-1086] - [Layouts] Update utexas_devel to demo new layouts

  • [UDK8-1087] - [Layouts] Add 3 column layout with variable widths

  • [UDK8-1088] - [Layouts] Add 4-column layout with equal 25% widths

  • [UDK8-1093] - Add tests for 1/2/3/4 layouts

  • [UDK8-1094] - Add basic gutters to 2, 3, and 4 column layouts

  • [UDK8-1095] - Improve DX for hero-formatters-split.js

  • [UDK8-1106] - Add description above CTA links in widgets

  • [UDK8-1107] - Add AJAX loading indicator to CTA element

  • [UDK8-1111] - Create override styling for checkboxes in LB modal

  • [UDK8-1114] - Striping of each alternating link row

  • [UDK8-1115] - [Media Library Theme Reset] Improve UX of Media Library

  • [UDK8-1117] - WYSIWYG : Add CKEditor feature parity from Drupal 7

  • [UDK8-1120] - Add “Display columns with no padding” section style

  • [UDK8-1122] - Refactor Layout Builder Styles into a standalone module

  • [UDK8-1123] - Add configuration to allow multiple Layout Builder Styles

  • [UDK8-1125] - [Layout Builder Styles] Don’t allow block restrictions for individual content blocks

  • [UDK8-1126] - Change CTA button style on Flex Content Area to match other widgets

  • [UDK8-1129] - [Layout Builder Restrictions] Out of memory when trying to manage display of a content type

  • [UDK8-1132] - Refactor migration to save Drupal 7 fields as inline blocks

  • [UDK8-1162] - [Migration] Migrate Background Accent

  • [UDK8-1225] - Investigate orphaned docs page “Template knowledge base”

  • [UDK8-1258] - [Composer installation] Separate base scaffold tasks from installation tasks

  • [UDK8-1262] - [Composer] Determine how best to negotiate dist vs source requests

  • [UDK8-1268] - [Beta] Update to Drupal 8.8.0 and modify scaffolding approach

  • [UDK8-1274] - [Meta] Create working definitions for “Scaffold” vs. “Installer/Installation”

  • [UDK8-1275] - [Meta] Come up with a label for the opposite of “Build artifact workflow”

  • [UDK8-1276] - Eliminate “blueprint” components from utdk_profile’s composer.json file

  • [UDK8-1277] - Eliminate “base-scaffold” composer script

  • [UDK8-1278] - Provide interim Pantheon scaffolding

  • [UDK8-1279] - Change installation location of forty_acres and utexas_qualtrics_filter

  • [UDK8-1282] - [Media] Integrate Media in WYSIWYG

  • Enable utexas_beacon module by default #760


  • [UDK8-77] - Sub-menus placed in content regions

  • [UDK8-1071] - RESEARCH: Theme “reset” for layout builder modal

  • [UDK8-1079] - [Layout Builder Modal] Implement theme reset on Layout Builder Modal module

  • [UDK8-1080] - Add inline_form_errors module

  • [UDK8-1153] - Site installation option for “Base” flavor

  • [UDK8-1160] - Rename UTDK8 repository and adjust dependencies as needed